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Hello my name is Martin, I am the senior guide at Edinburgh Local Tours and have been guiding in Edinburgh and district for the last seven years. I have a passion for Scotland and it's rich tapestry of history. Like the many different tartans and kilts which form our national dress, the tales of our past are equally colourful. I specialise in my home town of Edinburgh a World Heritage Site, together with the attractions in the surrounding area.
I amuse , educate and entertain by combining history with stories of people and places that we view.
My Tours are easily modified to suit personal requirements and are easily adapted, in most cases for the less mobile.


My onging involvement in the life traditions of the City of Edinburgh includes;

Membership of the Old Edinburgh Club (Founded 1908),

Membership of the Edinburgh Merchant company (Founded 1681),

Membership of the society of High Constables of Edinburgh (Founded 1611),

An Edinburgh Festival Volunteer Guide,

Membership of Edinburgh Tourist Guides Association.

My training includes walking tours in the Old and New towns of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle, Roslin Chapel and step on tours of the city and surrounding countryside.



Tours are available by pre-booking only









Accredited Guide with:

Edinburgh Tour Guides Association

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